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NETWORKS...The Backbone of a Smart Home!

The roads of the Roman Empire ranged from small street to highways that were built to connect cities, towns and military bases. These major roads were stone-paved and flanked by footpaths. The point is they were stable. Designed and engineered to stand up to the test of time. You’re probably wondering what do the Roads of Rome have to do with a Smart Home? The answer simply put. STABILITY!

A Network is not just a “nice to have,” it’s a requirement. The Network is the foundation for every smart home and IT MUST BE STABLE!!!

Whether you spend $2000 or $200,000 on an AV system or a smart home system, the performance is only as good as the network that your systems run on. Some of you are probably thinking. What’s the big deal? Comcast/Verizon/ {Insert your Service providers name here} provided me with an All in one solution that has provided my home with Internet for years. Now I want to upgrade my Home to be a smart home and you’re telling me that my home need ROADS?!?!?

Well let's think of it like this. Would you buy a high performance car and fill it with unleaded gas? God I hope not, but that is exactly what you do when you use that all in one wireless modem/router that was supplied by your Service Provider.

It’s no surprising that people feel this way about their network. After all it’s worked just fine for the last 4 years. Why do I need to upgrade it now? Unlike your AV equipment or the smart home system that you can see and experience, The network part of your Smart Home is generally invisible; it devices sit hidden out of site and out of mind. Sitting somewhere—on a shelf, in a closet, in a basement, or in a rack. Devices that silently work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Devices that ensure that your cat videos, emails, Online services can get you to where you need to be. Let's be honest. The only time you even think about your network is when you lose Internet connectivity, or when your system is slow or doesn’t work the way you thought it should.

But this here, this is exactly why the network, your network matters. It is the foundation. Your smart home and your AV system start and end with it. It is the single most important thing that you should never have to worry about. The fact is. The more devices you connect, the smarter your home becomes, the more you use cloud services, the more important the resiliency of your network become. If you’ve ever experienced slow Internet speeds, poor video quality on your streaming service of choice, heard every other word on a Vonage or Centry Link phone conversation, had intermittent wireless connectivity, or your connected devices just don’t seem to work well (or consistently), then you’ve likely experienced a network break down. Most people don’t realize it’s a network issue, and they blame the AV system or other devices in the home for the problem.

The “secret” ingredient for a smart home or AV installation is an enterprise grade network. The very same network that runs and operates Fortune 500 business. Here are the key reasons why:


An enterprise networks designed by Intelligent Automation are purpose built for performance. They are fast and have the ability to process high bandwidth traffic (including UHD/4K streams). They incorporate technologies like Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for traffic segmentation, they prioritize traffic based on network needs like voice and video streaming traffic, and port controls for precise throughput performance. In addition, networks contain gigabit speed Ethernet and fiber optic ports to keep up with increasingly fast Internet speeds and incorporate high power wireless transmitters for seamless Wi-Fi coverage while mitigating network interference. Advanced thermal and power management to help with managing power and to help keep the network equipment cool and running efficiently over its lifetime.


At Intelligent Automation we realize that no two AV systems or smart homes are exactly alike. No one will have the same devices you have connected to your network or support the same applications that you do. Unlike your typical consumer grade networks, enterprise class solutions give you full control and allow your network to be customized, configured and tuned to it's maximum performance. All the while taking into consideration your devices, the applications that they run, your usage, and the conditions of your home. As your needs change so should your network change.


Change is constant. Ask yourself. Is your network ready? How you currently use your network is not the same as how you used to use your network five years ago. Not to mention it your network today will not be the same five years from now. New devices, applications, and services are being developed and launched every day. A network designed by Intelligent Automation is designed and built to scale and adapt to traffic increases and changing applications. Faster processing, memory, 10 Gig and multi-gigabit data ports, Advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE), and fully managed configuration enable us to integrate almost everything that you could possibly want into your network. A managed network from Intelligent Automation make obsolescence a thing of the past.


Let's be honest. Consumer grade network equipment is designed to be the lowest price possible with profit margins that are targeted to the “good enough” mass-market customer. This "consumer friendly" solutions accomplish this by restricting performance and limiting features. These products use lower grade components and combine them with a short warranty and limited if any tech support. Some of these solutions are nothing more than a generic “white box” product made in Asia and marketed under a name brand.

At Intelligent Automation you will never find us offering “white box” logo'd products. We only believe in using quality components reputable Solution provides with tight manufacturing and performance tolerances to withstand any condition that you might look to through at us. Our network solutions use quality memory and industry leading processors and feature options like alternate internet failover and link aggregation to ensure service continuity. To maintain your network to the highest standards Intelligent Automation provides your network with firmware updates on a regular basis to address any bugs that may arise and provide performance optimization.


In order for manufacturers to maintain profitability at the low price points they sell the equipment at a minimal cost. Need tech support from one of these consumer grade equipment solutions. Good luck! Most of these companies make it difficult to reach a live tech support representative, and often push you towards a website or online self-service support system. Let's say by chance that you do get tech support on the phone. Just know that the person on the other side of the call is an undertrained, low paid “script reader” who is more than likely in an overseas call center.

At Intelligent Automation we provide multiple offerings for tech support. We offer remote monitoring and network management solutions to fit all needs and requirements. From basic alerting of Up down status during standard work hours to full monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and full managed concierge service that include a helpdesk that you can call into at any time day or night. At Intelligent Automation we know that staying on top of technology is extremely important. That is why all our staff are trained and certified by the manufacturers that we service and provide. Our team work closely together to resolve complex issues. As new products emerge they have a tendency to become more complex to integrate. A frequent issue is compatibility with other manufacturers’ products. At Intelligent Automation our team works with other manufacturers’ tech support teams to resolve any connectivity issues that your home might run into.


I want to be honest and upfront. A network solution from Intelligent Automation is not an insignificant investment. The solutions and equipment that we specify for your needs is initially more expensive than consumer grade equipment but, our solution provides a much better value over the lifetime of your system and overall lower total cost of ownership. Simply put at Intelligent Automation we believe that our solution is a better investment over time. Our solutions come with longer warranties, are scalable, expandable, and can be tuned/optimized to support your needs as your network expands.


At Intelligent Automation we pride ourselves in our ability to provide technology solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. More than a typical system integrator, Intelligent Automation's team is made up of innovators. Based in Central NJ with offices in Warwick, NY & Clayton, NC the design and build out that we provide to our customers is of the highest quality with the value added bonus of sophisticated intelligence features that are designed to optimize your network.

To learn more about what Intelligent Automation can do for you and your smart home give us a call at (888) 711-4521 or send us an email to Sales@

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