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Cybersecurity at home: The growing residential threat

Most Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) work with commercial clients to provide best of breed IT solutions for things like:


Patch Management

Managed Anti-Virus


And a Myriad of other solutions to keep their clients safe.

But do they support residential customers? Traditionally... Not really. Residential customers have been left to either their internet service providers (ISP) free antivirus, and possibly antispam software included with their service. Residential customers have the false sense of security that these solutions are enough protection, don’t keep them updated, and don’t keep up with firmware updates and patches for their devices.

In 2020 the Coronavirus global pandemic forced companies to have their employees work from home. Intelligent Automation has always considered the residential market and its needs for security and support a matter of paramount importance. Intelligent Automation focuses on security issues unique to remote workers. It’s one thing for a business to have a breach where some customer data is stolen or compromised. It's an entirely different violation when a baby monitor is hacked, or social media accounts are stolen. These types of cybercrime can violate a user and can erode the user’s trust. Intelligent Automation is mindful of the difference between work and work-related data and the home environment and working from home.

In today’s technology-dependent world, the technology that located in a typical home is just as important and as complicated as any small business. A typical family will have multiple devices sharing the internet, printers, and data. The way households are using technology goes far beyond the use of social media and video streaming. At Intelligent Automation not only do we focus on the security aspects of remote workers we also look at the devices that a user has in their home. We focus on securing the insecure Internet of Things to provide our users with peace of mind.

It’s one thing to breach a business where some customer data is stolen, it’s a completely different violation when a baby monitor is hacked, or social media accounts are compromised. Those attacks hit someone too close to home and MSPs need to be mindful of the difference between work-related data and the home environment.

Think about this. About 70 percent of adults are working from home and remotely access their work computers. Kids are busy working at home as well, with 90 percent of K-12 school districts offering online learning. 65 percent of college students are taking courses online. This use of technology requires reliable and secure internet and networking. Now add the growing need for more advanced security solutions to protect families from the increasingly more complicated and prevalent cyber threats. To sum up my point, most homes need the same level of protection and service that managed services have been offering to business clients for years.

Residential markets share similarities with traditional small businesses and just like a small business the weakest link in any cybersecurity solution is the human element. Every household, just like every business, is different and needs to be assessed for their specific vulnerabilities and needs. At Intelligent Automation we are generally able to operate from the same policies, products, and procedures that we utilize for our business clients.

We have also noticed that small businesses are generally more aware of the best practices and company policies for avoiding cyber threats. In a small business, end-users "typically" do not utilize the same types of websites, personal entertainment, or personal emails that they would normally use at home.

Home users are more relaxed about what type of websites they access, the content they consume, emails that they open, and the devices that access their network. Simply put, a residential customer mixes work with fun in a way you "typically" do not see in the office. Not to mention teaching the kids best practices for safe computer and internet usage. This alone exponentially increases the level of vulnerability for the entire home network.

Most remote workers today are aware of the growing need for guidance, support, and security within their homes regarding the use of technology. They just don't know that Residential Managed Services is what they need. At Intelligent Automation it is our duty to educate them and communicate we can provide quality affordable solutions to meet their technology and security needs.

To learn more, Intelligent Automation is here and ready to service your needs. Call us at (888) 711-4521 or send us an email to for more information

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