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From resturants to classrooms, lobbies to lounges, you want to display the latest high-definition and 4K sources in their full glory. You want to integrate digital and analog AV signals together with streaming, all on one platform.

And you want it to work flawlessly

every time. 

Media Management and Distribution

Centrally monitor, manage and control architectural and interior lighting, thermostats, security, digital signage and distributed audio and video throughout the venue. We stand with Crestron, who is the first choice for hotels, casinos, restaurants, sports bars and nightclubs all over the world. Control devices and systems in the bar, restaurant, lobby, spa and gift shops from a central office. Offer the ultimate in personalized luxury with automated systems in Skyboxes, VIP Rooms or Penthouse Suites. Control AV, lighting and climate in ballrooms individually or combine rooms simply. Integrated software generates reports to analyze room and device usage, runs remote diagnostics and schedules routine maintenance. We can provide completely integrated building operations, infrastructure management and control solutions.








Intelligent Automation utilizes a flexible and scalable architecture. It can accept analog, digital, and control signals such as advanced EDID, CEC, and USB and then transmit them over HDMI®, HDBaseT®, CAT5e, multimode fiber, single-mode fiber, and now H.264 streaming video over the network. By integrating streaming on the same reliable platform, we can deliver the best of both worlds — the power of the network for content delivery to mobile devices and destinations around the world, and the reliability of point-to-point links for delivery within the room.




Intelligent Automation features Digital Media, by Crestron. Digital Media (DM) is a field-proven, end-to-end 4K certified solution, engineered to manage and distribute digital AV and control signals. Whether you have one TV or one thousand, a video wall, or fifty video walls, Digital Media delivers pure high-definition 1080p, ultra high-definition 4K, and everything in between, to every display throughout your organization. 


To remain the industry standard you have to keep raising the bar.  We've been quick to embrace emerging technologies such as 4K Ultra HD and incorporate them in our Media Distribution solutions ever since.


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