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Cybersecurity breaches have become almost a dime a dozen and show no signs of slowing down.


Here are some questions for your business to consider for 2018:

  • Do you have a database of healthcare information?

  • Do you process credit card transactions?

  • Are you in the payroll or money transfer business?

  • Are you doing research that foreign governments would be interested in?

  • Are you in a business that a “hacktivist” group or nation-state may find objectionable?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, congratulations, you are in the highest-risk group.


The remaining companies fall into three large groups, including those that have:

  • A significant regulatory environment to operate within (healthcare, banking, insurance, etc.)

  • Data that others could monetize (trade secrets, credit card numbers, personally identifiable information (PII), data on publicly traded companies that has not yet been made public, etc.)

  • Data that is important and necessary for the company to operate. Cybercriminals have figured out an important new angle to their business model: companies that don’t have information that is valuable on the black market still have information that’s valuable to the company itself.
















Ransomware attacks are designed to disrupt your company’s ability to function until you pay up.

This begs a question, “How can I assess my cybersecurity risk?”

  1. Accept that your company is a target for cybercriminals who would hope to profit from your success.

  2. Run this quick free 30-second network assessment tool to test your company's cybersecurity:

  3. Assess your own risk tolerance, assess the potential damage to your company that a hacker could inflict, and assess what cybersecurity countermeasures you have employed. If you employ strong countermeasures, your risk will be far lower than many of your competitors, even if putting an actual number on it is challenging.

Cyberwarfare is becoming our war as businesspeople. It isn’t the government of government anymore. Thankfully, the vast majority of cybercriminals can be stopped.

It's time to get your business the secure and optimized connectivity it needs for 2018! Contact Intelligent Automation to learn more about how you can stop Cybersecurity breaches. 





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