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At Intelligent Automation, we offer a wide range of Video Surveillance Solutions. From small residential applications to multi-camera commercial solutions that are viewable in real-time, from anywhere in the world. completely automated and loaded with features. Whatever your need, contact us today to see how we can help you fit a video surveillance solution, into your budget. We even offer hidden cameras! 

Network Video Recorders (NVR)


Intelligent Automation offers NVRs that come pre-loaded, activated, and tested with a full Software Suite.  We have a wide variety of NVR configurations available based on the number of IP cameras, the amount of storage, and the processing capacity. Both towers and rack mounts are available.


Key Benefits

  • Plug and play - ready to start recording / viewing cameras

  • Easy installation

  • IP licenses activated

  • Tested and configured

  • Superior US-based technical support

  • 3 Year hardware limited warranty*

View  and Control Cameras from Any  Computer or Mobile Device, from Anywhere in the World 

Intelligent Automation provides  a powerful, yet easy-to-use video management software that allows residential and commercial industries the ability to deploy a customized and robust video surveillance system. With support for over 3,000 camera models, a variety of encoders, virtualization, centralization, and integration with the most popular access control systems. Intelligent Automation can provide you with a solution that  provides a wide range of benefits to meet all of your home, or organization's security demands.


Displaying Live and recorded video is the most important function of video management software, but creating alarms and other notifications can provide benefits to the entire organization. We can  provide a step-by-step wizard to monitor for scheduled events that trigger one or multiple actions. These can be simple snapshot emails on motion during specific time frames or complex multi-step triggers and actions. 

Video Surveillance Solution for
K-12 and Universities


Providing a safe student environment and helping prevent vandalism on a school campus has never been an easy task. Managing cameras, encoders, and DVRs in a single building can be labor intensive and expensive. Now just imagine the challenge of security coverage across multiple buildings and locations. The Intelligent Automatio Video Management Software provides an easy-to-use and feature-rich solution to meet your video management needs. It's the perfect solution to help you keep students and property safe while reducing cost.



Facility Map


 When viewing multiple cameras from multiple locations, camera names might not be descriptive enough to identify a camera. Use Facility Maps to upload images of your buildings and then place cameras on the image representing camera placement. This feature supports multiple layers of maps that can link to one another and supports cameras on each map. Layouts can also be placed on Facility Maps. If Facility Maps have been set up,  then by using Monitor Station, you can view all of your cameras by Facility Map views rather than the Server/Camera tree view.


Additional Features Our Systems Provide

  • Instant Replay

  • View Layouts

  • Active Directory and LDAP group login

  • Force Recording Option

  • Search box allows quick access to and camera or server via partial name or ip address

  • Auto-focus Button on Camera Layout Header

  • 2 Way Audio on Supported Cameras

  • Synchronized Audio

  • 360 Degree Dewarped Images from Sentry 360 and Immervision Panoramic

  • On Screen Physical and Digital PTZ Control

  • 180 Degree Arecont Cameras stitched Together in Layout Mouse Overs

  • PTZ Presets Accessed from Camera Layout Header

  • Federated Login

  • Synchronized Playback with up to 9 Cameras from Different Servers

  • Pausing Live Video After Set Time

  • Quickly Navigate Between Cameras from Any Server

  • Picture in Picture of Zoomed Area

  • Drag Cameras from Left Navigation Tree into Layout

  • Camera Touring or Layout Sequencing

  • Single, Quad, and Panorama views for 360 Cameras

  • Cycle PTZ Presets, Pausing for Specific Interval

  • PTZ Control with USB Joysticks

  • Option to Lock Down Non-Admin Users from PTZ Controls

  • PTZ Prioritization - Users can be Ranked from PTZ Control

  • Auto Upgrade

  • Drag and Drop Layouts

  • Digital PTZ

  • Save and Print Image

  • Maintenance Records - Includes Switch Port

  • Detailed System Logs

  • Export Clips in Native Camera Compression or MJPEG

  • All Exports Include Date/Time Stamp and Visible Logo and MD5 Invisible Watermark

  • Push Live Video Pop-up Windows to Other Logged in Users

  • 2Way Audio Allows Operators to Interact with Video

  • Pause Individual Camera for Instant Investigation

  • High Performance Option Renders Video in Real Time

  • Run in Full Screen Mode with Limited Menus

  • Connect up to Four Monitors per PC

  • Motion Alerts Displayed for Each Camera

  • Option to Play Sound on Motion Alarm

  • Launch Clients in Full Screen Mode to Predefined Layouts

  • Timeline

  • Analytics Alerts


Mobile View


Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Also Available 

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